Lingua italiana1998-2008 ten years of AirBrixia

Although it has been 10 years since my chance meeting at a computer store in Brescia, ten years of flights but above ten years of friendship. At the end of AirBirixia have always conceived as follows: first of all a group of friends united by a common passion for the flight. The catalyst of the group was Giangiusto Mattiucci. I met him in that famous computer store that no longer exists by buying a copy of Flight Simulator scenery of Italy for 98, we were in May. One evening at the home of Gian Stefano Gazich also met and the union of the three minds (Giangiusto, Stefano and Luca) was born the idea of ​​creating a virtual airline. On 12 September 1998 the site was put online, was born AirBrixia Virtual Airline.

Then the italian virtual world was in full swing, there were a lot of VA, the expansion of the Internet completely changed the flight simulation. The big network nullified distances and allowed to connect people who are far from each other. The exchange of mail to the personal knowledge of the distance is short, thus was born the tradition of our meeting. In any meeting signatures of ml began real peaple, each signature is associated with a face and a voice. Our inexhaustible enthusiasm led us in 1999 to create Airdolomiti Virtual duly authorized by Airdolomiti real. Now ten years have passed, Abx is one of the oldest Italian VA, and our adventure continues.

Airbrixia today

The underlying spirit of ABX has remained unchanged: to fly for fun.
The pilots are not required or enable particular passages machine, so you can fly with the plane of your choice. There are also no limits on the routes, you can now experience the thrill of an Intercontinental or domestic flight. AirBrixia is open to novice rider just starting out and the "commander" super expert. If you doubt our tutorials are a great help, I recommend that you read before signing up ABX instructions for use, a little bit about how it works AirBrixia.

The activity of Abx covers the entire world of flight:

Scheduled Flights : Like any self-respecting airline Abx has a timetable of flights to and from its hub Italian, European, American and Southeast Asia. You can simulate the activity of the airline pilot, the flight you can play them online or offline as you wish.

Voli on demand: You can simulate the activity of the air taxi flights on request. The flights do not choose you but you will be assigned in relation to the needs of our customer, you will never equal two flights get ready to land in all types of airports but I recommend to respect the time of arrival.

Classica:The nostalgia of the flights on the prop of the 50 '. Times the routes are real time, an accurate historical reconstruction.

L'Aeroclub: Per chi vuol volare con gli aerei di aviazione generale.

Gli Eventi on line: Sono voli di gruppo fatti o in multiplayer oppure sui server di Ivao, dalle ricostruzioni storiche ai vfr di gruppo vengono svolti il lunedì sera.

Collegata ai voli trovate la Flotta e la pagina Report

Flotta:Airbrixia, as each airline has its own fleet with its livery, remember that flights must be conducted with planes in our hangar or similar models, at each change of version of the fleet is adapted to the new simulator.

Report:At the end of each flight, you will need to compile the Report, the system after the approval of the flight, automatically updates the time and at every degree change sends the communication of your promotion. The update is not immediate but occurs once a week.

Eventi:In this page you will find all of our real and virtual meetings, ten-year history of Airbrixia .

Tutorial:Piccole perle di cultura aeronautica, vi saranno sicuramente utili per chiarificare i vostri dubbi sulla tecnica del volo.

At this point there is nothing left to wish you good flights AirBrixia Virtual Airline!

Giangiusto, Luca e Stefano