Lingua italianaAirBrixia VA Rules

Article 1

AirBrixia Virtual Airline (ABX) is a Virtual Airline with unique and exclusive purpose: FUN. The registration is absolutely free. There are no commercial agreements with third parties, nor for profit, nor for promotional purposes. Behave accordingly.

Article 2

The pilot that joins AirBrixia VA fully accepts this Regulation.

Article 3

Upon registration you are prompted for your name, city of residence, the province and the e-mail. In accordance with the Data Protection Act (Law 675/96) and for the protection against spam mail will not be made ​​public nor communicated to third parties.

Article 4

Any proposed changes to this Regulation shall be communicated to a member of the Board of Directors, which will decide at its sole discretion.

Article 5

The Fleet is diveded for aircrafti, for each model you will find the correct version for each version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Article 6

The flight is freely chosen from those available on Flight pages . Flights can be carried out in "offline" mode (without being connected to a server virtual flight), as well as on the network. May be logged in the various online tour organized by IVAO (eg the World Tour of IVAO or those of the various divisions) provided flown with the callsign of the company, and the flights carried out on the servers flight online (IVAO or Vatsim) as long as it at least one controller on the route.

Article 7

The pilot must performed a mimun of two flights a year . The pilot must make a minimum two flights a year. After a year that has been made without any flight, the pilot will be removed from the list of active pilots, and added that the pilots inactive. The inclusion in the list of inactive will be 'communicated to the pilot, which will have' since then 30 days in which to make at least one trip. After this period unless the flight has been made ​​and brought to the attention of AirBrixia through the report, the pilot will be 'removed from the roster, then fired.

Article 8

To log the flight's time the pilot a the end of the flight must send the Report. The Report must be sent to the office in the manner provided reports to the appropriate page.

Article 9

Every flight has an estimated duration. Significant deviations from the estimated time must be justified in the report.

Article 10

Given that frequent repetition of the same flight or several flights in a short time can be an indication of flights not actually carried out, but only mere sending bogus reports for the sole purpose of increasing their flight hours, we urge pilots to refrain from such undesirable behavior. The Office Report can always ask for reasons for such behavior, and if necessary to apply disciplinary sanctions set out below.

Article 11

Disciplinary actions provided for those who violate this regulation may be:

  • cancellation of the report
  • penalty 'with deduction of a number of hours (this number will increase' with the repetition of the event).
  • downgrading to a lower degree and consequent cutting of hours.
  • suspension from active duty (as measured by reference in relation to gravity 'and the repetition of the event).
  • expulsion from AirBrixia VA (in cases of exceptional gravity').

Of course, we hope to never have to go that far, but out of respect for our virtual airline and other pilots, it is right that the person responsible for conduct contrary to our rules will be punished.

Article 12

Disciplinary action and its degree are determined by the Board of Directors, with discretion.

Article 13

The hours flown with AirBrixia by each pilot and rate consequently acquired, are placed on the page PILOTS/PILOTI, according to the following rules:

  • Each pilot is classified with a degree corresponding to the number of hours logged.
  • Flight hours are effective without any rounding.
  • The hours worked in other virtual airlines, associations, etc.., are not taken into account.
  • In addition to the hours flown and the level achieved by each pilot, we also wanted to include the various events online organised by AirBrixia (Millelaghi, Wtc etc..) That participated in the pilot, as well as the real meeting organized by AirBrixia to which the pilot took part (Roma 2000, Milano-Brescia 2001, etc.).. It 'a way to reward yourself with a small "certificate" those who wanted to show their friendship and collaboration to the success of our organization. parte (Roma 2000, Milano-Brescia 2001, ecc.).
  • Any positions within AirBrixia not give rise to honorary degrees nor to additional hours.
  • The title of "Master" is purely honorary. Was awarded this title who has done significant and meritorious activities for AirBrixia and the world of flight simulation.
Second Officer
Second Officer
01:00 a 19:50
First Officer
First Officer
20:00 a 49:50
Senior Officer
Senior Officer
50:00 a 99:50
100:00 a 199:50
First Captain
First Captain
200:00 a 399:50
Senior Captain
Senior Captain
400:00 a 599:50
Chief Captain
Chief Captain
600:00 a 999:50
Old Captain 1000h
Old Captain
1000H 1000 a 1500
Old Captain 1500h
Old Captain 1500H
1500 a 2000
Old Captain 2000h
Old Captain 2000H
2000 a 2500
Old Captain 2500h
Old Captain 2500H
oltre 2500

Article 14

The hours worked in all events on-line will be counted in the roster piloti. The badge to participate in online events will be given to those who have made ​​from 1/4 to half the stops planned, depending on the length of the initiative.

Article 15

The companies Bodies of AirBrixia sono: The President, Il Board of Directors, the Technical Staff.

Article 16

The President is the official representative of AirBrixia in all dealings with third parties, is chosen from among the members of the Board of Directors and holds office for one calendar year. The President may appoint a Vice-President to replace him in all cases of need.

Article 17

The Board of Directors consists of SIX members PERMANENT, with EQUAL right to vote, that will benefit from the collaboration and advice of a Technical Staff, who will not have' the right to vote, but will participate 'actively in the discussion of the proposals and will be' inserted in mailing list ABX-STAFF. The Board of Directors is 'PERMANENT and it' formed by the three Founders (Giangiusto Mattiucci, Luca and Stefano Lanti Gazich), and the pilots Ivan Cattozzo, Stefano and Alberto Caputo Ravasini. The staff, of variable composition, will be 'set up as soon as possible. Staff and 'appointed by the Board of Directors..

Article 18

The C.D. take its decisions by majority vote. In case of tie 'of votes, the Chairman shall have one vote to be assigned to extra motion to his liking.

Article 19

The technical staff of variable composition, is composed of persons chosen by the board of directors with specific training in the flight simulator and who have demonstrated participation in the VA. He advises, makes recommendations and operational actively participates in the life of the VA, its members are included in ml abx staff. May propose initiatives, prepare new aircraft, scenery, arrange all the activities of the life of VA

Article 20

To ensure that all those who are interested the opportunity to participate actively in the life of AirBrixia, each driver may propose any new initiative (for example, a tour or a new livery for a plane), provided that it is ready and already realized. This means that proposals must be complete with details of the initiative, identifying any necessary files, html page and anything else necessary.

Article 21

Although not expressly provided for in this Regulation or for abnormal situations and random, that first of all common sense, and secondly, the single decision of the Board of Directors.

Final Article

ur primary interest is to have fun! To this purpose, we welcome any comments, suggestions, criticism, and ... invitation to dinner !! :-)

Giangiusto Luca e Stefano

ABX Staff

  • President/CEO: Luca Lanti (ivao id 101626)
  • Vice-President: Stefano Gazich Valseriati
  • Board of Directors : Giangiusto Mattiucci, Stefano Gazich Valseriati, Luca Lanti, Stefano Caputo, Alberto Ravasini, Ivan Cattozzo

Technical Staff

  • Database Report: Antonio Cistellini (ivao id 105932)
  • Repaint: Luca Lanti, Andrea Costa
  • Dinamiche: Stefano Caputo
  • P.R. e Tutorial: Franco Mele
  • Iniziative: Maurizio Cerrutti, Giovanni Contarelli, Luigi Inzirillo, Stefano Pirovano
  • Web: Luca Lanti, Antonio Cistellini