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In memory of Giangiusto Mattiucci ABX 001 (11 agosto 1958 - 4 febbraio 2019)

Gian, you'll be with us forever, in our hearts! A big, strong hug from all of ABX.

07/03/2021 Eneide Tour di Jacopo de Gioia

A brand new Classic Tour by Jacopo de Gioia "Eneide Tour", on the footsteps of Enea!

07/03/2021 Odissea di Fabrizio dell'Acqua

A brand new Tour by Fabrizio dell'Acqua "Odissea", on the footsteps of Ulisse!

27/12/2020 A319 Toliss

A brand new plane A319 toliss by Luca Lanti

17/08/2020 Hub tour 2020 di Luca Lanti ABX003

A brand new tour for ABX pilots: Hub Tour 2020. Fly to the most 25 busiest airports in Europe! Enjoy with ABX!

02/06/2020 La notte delle VA IVAO 19z

Ivao organized 02/06/2020 from 19z a on line event for all italian VA. Every VA have a trip to fly, ABX flight is LIRN/LFBD. I invite all ABX pilots to fly this event!!

Flight Factor A320 xplane

A brand new, ready for download the FlightFactor A320 ABX per X-Plane 11, happy flights.

A new tour to begin 2020: Il Grande Nord

A brand new tour to begin new year: Il Grand Nord. Amanzing flights in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, Scotland. Thrilling approach like Norway Airports, a new skilling adventure for ABX Pilots. Happy new Year !!.

X-Plane 11 ABX B737-800

A stunning new plane in ABX fleet!! B 738 for X-plane! Donwload and enjoy your flight!!

Tour Europeo by Maurizio Cerruti ABX531

A brand new tour by Maurizio Cerruti ABX531. Fly aroud Europe and land in beautifull airports. Thanks Maurizio for this tour!!

Repaint per Aerosoft A320 neo di Luca Lanti ABX003 upgrade to p3d v4 byGiuseppe Manzella

A 320 Aerosoft in ABX livrery. A Brand new plane in ABX fleet!!. To install use 320's tool 320. Click here to download the upgrade version to P3Dv.4 by da Giuseppe Manzella

Norway tour 2018 by Luca Lanti ABX003

Norway the beautifull land, the land of cape North, and the land of airport. Norway have a lot of little airports with skill approach. A new tour by Luca Lanti.

Africa tour 2018 byGiangiusto Mattiucci ABX001

A new tour by Gian: destination Africa! From North Africa to Cape Town across sahara and the forest of Center Africa!! Thanks and welcome Gian!

Amazonas!! di Giangiusto Mattiucci ABX001

Gian strikes again with Amazonas. Amazonas is a timetable of real flights dedicated to the mighty DC3, new adventure for Airbrixia pilots! Thanks and welcome Gian!

Formula 1 Championship 2018 di Umberto Noto ABX007

Follow the F1 Campionship 2018 with ABX. A brand new tour by Umberto Noto ABX007. Thanks and welcome Umby!

Repaint for Aerosoft A320 neo by Luca Lanti ABX003

320 Aerosoft in ABX livrery. A Brand new plane in ABX fleet!!. To install use 320's tool 320.

New Hub for ABX: Bologna Borgo Panigale LIPE

Thanks to Kevin Menegatti ABX 495 for the new ABX HUB LIPE Bologna Borgo Panigale

PMDG B738 ABX Official Livrery

PMDG 738 ABX Official Livrery repaint by Luca Lanti

PMDG b738 NGX Historic Livrery

Ready to download the B738 PMDG NGX with the ABX Historic Livrery, Classica 50'. Use the PMDG Livrery Manager to install . Have a nice flight and Merry Christmas! Donwload, repaint Luca Lanti.

Yak 2008

Lo Yak del decennale

Stefano Gazich redid the repaint used in the Yak 40 maiden flight of ABX September 12, 1998, the Montichiari (LIPO) Innsbruck (LOWI). The first flight marked the beginning of a great adventure, enjoy this Amacord brixiano.

Download file: Repaint Yak 40;


AirBrixia Flight On Demand

Finally a section dedicated to air taxi operations of ABX: FOD. Enter in the new section and fly with executives around Europe with destinations are always different. A big thanks to those who have planned the database, the "heart" of the FOD, Antonio "The Lord of database" Cistellini. Click on FOD and have fun;

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ABX on line flights

Airbrixia is a certified IVAO Virtual Airline , L'identificativo per i voli on-line di Airbrixia è: ABX8XXX, 8 seguito dal codice pilota es: ABX8003.

AirBrixia Callsign is AIRBRIXIA+pilot code with 8 ahead (es.AirBrixia8003), only exception are pilots with code from ABX 1000, after initial contact with atc, may be reduct as BRIXIA (es.Brixia8003). For further information about Report visit the page.

The pilot with code started from ABX1000 must the callsign ABX1000, ABX1002 ecc..

As certified IVAO VA, besides the usual reports required to count the hours, if you are registered on IVAO pilots as you fill in the ABX Pirep to keep at our VA.

IVAO-Code: ABX Online pilots



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